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Private Voice Lessons

36 total lessons, all ages

Upon registration you are committing to these 36 lessons thru June 2022.
Billing will continue monthly.

Students of all ages who are interested in expressing themselves through their gift of the voice are encouraged to enroll in private voice lessons. Throughout the lessons, students will be taught the proper techniques of developing their instrument through healthy singing and proper technique. Through the study of the lyrics, all students will learn the purpose and significance of story telling and by doing so become confident with their performance skills. The building of self esteem in every student performer is a goal at SEP as we all understand that the importance of confidence can be used in so many of our everyday successes. I am often asked if “prior experience is necessary" or “can my child learn to sing” - the answer is yes! We all have our own gifts but how we use them is up to us. We can all benefit from music in our lives no matter what level we choose to pursue.

Semester begins September 16th, 2021.
All students are enrolled for a total of 36 lessons upon registering.
30 mins
45 mins
60 mins
+ $35 registration fee
due upon registration
Tuition is payable on the 1st of every month starting September 1, 2021.

A credit card must be kept on file to be charged on the first of the month. If  one wishes to not pay by credit card, a card must be keep on file but will only be charged if payment in another form is NOT received by the 5th of each month.
When cancelling a lesson, it is the responsibility of student & parent to re-schedule the make up lesson.


Signing up for voice lessons is a commitment. No refunds will be given.

Post Registration Information

After registering, Sabrina will contact you directly with a link to our calendar. You should follow that link and create an account. Here is where you can make, cancel and reschedule lessons. Here you will also be able to store your credit card, view all charges and refunds. First installment is due upon registration and receiving your account information.

It is suggested that you schedule lessons upfront as often as is possible. You can always cancel if something comes up. This ensures you of receiving your 36 lessons without having to worry at the end of the year.

$35 registration fee will be due upon registration - you will be contacted following submission of this form for billing.
Lesson Duration

Submission successful - thank you! We will be in touch shortly.