Our studio is currently closed due to COVID-19 in an effort to protect our families & students.

Update on SEP's curriculum for June, July and August 2020

June 12, 2020

As most businesses are able to return to work and open their doors with strict guidelines, as a performing arts school this still deems itself difficult. 

Summers at SEP are always programs that are performance based. Rehearsals are held indoors with large groups of students 50 or more, singing, dancing and acting. The first hurdle is that we can not rehearse in large groups, second would be that students and instructors can not sing, act and perform with masks on and third is that performance venues have cancelled rentals.

I have reached out to students and their families and there is not an interest in doing on line group activities. I have also reached out to other summer performing arts programs in  surrounding areas and for the same reasons they have cancelled.

We are unique in that the summers are our performance curriculums and the climate is not yet supporting these activities. I wouldn't want to run programs only to disappoint students that they couldn't perform.


Below is Governor Lamonts recent guidelines for performances and the wearing of masks:

Guidance will eventually come for large outdoor concerts at places like the Toyota Oakdale Theater, Lamont said. Outdoor concerts could potentially be allowed later this summer if the state stays on track with keeping coronavirus hospitalizations down.

Even so, one thing that is likely not to change in the near future is mask use.

"I have a feeling masks will be with us for a while in particular for folks my age," Lamont, who is 66-years-old, said.


We will miss all of you this summer and certainly hope to see you come September. 

Our new curriculum and "hopefully" show schedules will be posted by August 15th.

Please spread the word when it comes time for registration so that we can help keep the arts alive for the youth of Newtown and surrounding communities!




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