"My daughter started voice lessons at Sabrina's Encore Productions in 2013, and since then has performed in numerous shows with SEP.  She has developed into a confident performer, and has learned so much working on shows with Sabrina.   She has also made close friendships with other students there.  Sabrina works these students hard, teaching them how to be on a stage and what makes a great performer, while at the same time being an approachable mentor so she can help them succeed in all they choose to do.  I am so happy I found Sabrina's Encore Productions and look forward to more years with her!"

"My daughter has been part of the SEP family for 7 years.  Over the years  I have watched her grow from a young child having fun on stage to a mature confident teen giving an amazing and emotional performance in the 2018 summer production of Miss Saigon.  I could not ask for a better vocal and theatre coach then Sabrina who continuously challenges my daughter to be the best she can be.   Sabrina’s inspirational, dedication and professionalism can be seen with every Broadway caliber performances and the success that follows her students after high school. I highly recommend Sabrina’s Encore Productions to anyone interested in the performing arts!"

"Our two daughters have studied voice and theater at Sabrina’s Encore Productions (SEP) since the summer of 2012. At the time they were 5 and 7 years old. In addition to improving their vocal range and proficiency and their acting chops, they have developed numerous and varied invaluable life skills. Their self confidence has blossomed, they have made friends for life and their capacity for managing stressful situations has increased tremendously.  In addition, SEP is one of the few environments where they have the opportunity  to work with both boys & girls across the spectrum of K-12 grade.  This experience has led them to a greater understanding of how to interact with a wide range of personalities, thereby preparing them for the real world. We are incredibly thankful that we found SEP and the family of people it represents."

"Our family has been a part of Sabrina’s Encore Productions since 2011. Both my children have attended SEP.  From the grade school aged group classes and summer camps, to the high school productions, Sabrina’s shows never disappoint.  She teaches her students how to be professional, and she helps to bring out the best of their talents. In addition to the productions, my kids have taken voice lessons with Sabrina for several years.  I couldn’t be any happier with the instruction and technical refinement they receive.  Each year I’m amazed at how much improvement I hear.  As a side note, my son was honored last June to win the CT High School Musical Theater award for the best male actor in the state. One of the first people he thanked after his family was Sabrina Post, for her guidance, support, and incredible direction and instruction over the years."

"Sabrina is an amazing vocal coach. Our daughter has been going for almost 2 years and her confidence, range, and abilities have
grown so much it's staggering. She looks forward to her lessons, improving herself, learning new material, and spending time with Sabrina. SEP's theatre productions are exceptional (Broadway caliber performances) and I love how the kids are so involved in the process. It's a great learning experience and we are thrilled to have her coach our daughter. I highly recommend Sabrina!"

"We feel fortunate to have found SEP for our daughter, who has always enjoyed the performing arts. She thrives in this talented , professional, supportive and challenging environment."

"I wanted to thank you for giving so many young people their stepping stone, and a means of expressing their beautiful talents."

"My experience at SEP affected my years in high school in an incredibly positive way. I received training from Sabrina Post for both vocal performance and acting that I now mark as completely invaluable and essential to any success I've had as an actor. The shows produced and directed by Ms. Post are always of amazing quality, and provide an element of training in themselves, whether it be rehearsal etiquette, independent time management, or of course, general performance. I know for a fact that every year at SEP made me a better actor and singer, and I wouldn't have given up the experiences I had at that studio for anything. Simply fantastic."

"Sabrina's Encore Productions has helped me develop as an actress, singer, performer, and a person. I have now been in 6 SEP productions and all of them have been wonderful experiences. I have learned to work with other performers. The productions always turn out fantastic. The performers always give 100% due to our wonderful director, Sabrina Post. Sabrina pushes each child to there maximum capability, so they can be the best they can be. I've had vocal training with Sabrina since I was 10.  She has helped my voice to develop beyond what it would normally be able to do. Sabrina's Encore Productions has given me great opportunities to perform and do what I love." 

When my daughter was 10 years old, we had the pleasure of seeing SEP's fully staged production of Les Misérables at The Ridgefield Playhouse. It was hard to believe that the talented performers on stage were actually so young; still students in high school! Accompanied by a professional orchestra, the well trained cast captured the attention of the audience. The passion and drama of the story, music, and characters on stage brought tears to many in the audience. But, what I noticed most, was the intensity of these young actors, whose own tears fell across their cheeks as their voices lifted in unison during the finale, "Do You Hear the People Sing". We certainly heard these awesome kids sing! I knew, before curtain calls, that the Director of this production, had a very special gift - one that you do not see very often."