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Q: Does Sabrina's Encore Productions follow the Newtown Public Schools decisions regarding closings due to inclement weather?
A: Yes, we follow the Newtown Public Schools decisions on cancellations. You can also check our Facebook page for updates and alerts.
Q: How do we cancel a lesson or make-up a lesson?
A: Students and teachers should cancel lessons or schedule make-ups directly with their teachers
Q: Can anyone audition for the musicals even if they have had little or no experience?
A: Yes, we welcome everyone and no cuts are ever made.
Q: Do we have a summer camp program? 
A: Yes, we have a summer camp program which runs for four weeks in the summer. Detailed information regarding this program will be published in January of the new year.
Q: When is Sabrina's Encore Productions closed for vacation?
A: Please visit our web site and view the exact list of dates that SEP is closed.
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